Brainard, Curtis

Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2016. 07. 13. 153214.bmp Curtis Brainard is the digital content manager and former blogs editor atScientific American, overseeing all online platforms. He is also the president of the World Federation of Science Journalists, having served on the board since 2013. Previously, Brainard was a staff writer at Columbia Journalism Review, where he covered science, environment and medical news, and a freelance writer with bylines in publications such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The New Yorker and Popular Science. He’s been a guest on radio programs hosted by outlets such as NPR and Al-Jazeera English and invited to speak at venues such as the National Press Club in Washington, DC and the National Center for Atmospheric Research in Aspen, Colorado. Brainard holds master’s degrees in environmental science and journalism from Columbia University in New York City, where he is an adjunct faculty member at the Graduate School of Journalism, home of the Pulitzer Prizes. He lives in Brooklyn, New York.


Degett, Jens

Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2016. 07. 13. 153218.bmpJens Degett is a freelance science journalist and Chair of the Danish Science Journalists Association since 2012. He has worked with science journalism and communication for more than 20 years and has experience from printed media, radio, television, twitter and internet. Jens Degett is member of the EUSJA Board since October 2014. He organised the first European Conference for Science Journalists (ECSJ) in collaboration with EUSJA in Copenhagen June 2014. He was one of the founding fathers of the EuroScience Open Forum (ESOF) and has been member of a number of EuroScience committees since 2002. He has also been a member of several EU Advisory Groups on research 1991-1996, member of various EU Advisory Committees on research communication (2000 – 2005) and a rapporteur for EURAB (2004-2005). He was one of the founding members of the World Federation of Science Journalists (WFSJ) and the Executive Secretary of WFSJ from 2002-2004. Jens Degett was the Executive Director of the European Action in Global Life Sciences (EAGLES) 2005-2010, a worldwide communication project on health and food. He was Director of the Communication and Information Units at the European Science Foundation (ESF), Strasbourg from 2000 – 2005. Producer and host of the most listened to Danish weekly radio programme ”Studie 2000” in Denmark from 1994-2000, he has more than 400 hours/6 years of radio and television broadcast experience primary related to health, environment and research.


Egikova, Viola

Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2016. 07. 13. 153224.bmp.jpgViola Egikova works as a science journalist in the daily independent newspaper of Moscow. She is President of Russian Association for Science Writers and Journalists “Intellect” that organizes activities of science journalists –trainings, competitions science cafes, discussions, exchange of experience, meetings with scientists, visits research centers and so on. “Intellect” was among the organizers of the Russian Science Festival. Viola Egikova was invited to coordinate the Programme committee of All Russia Science Festival, she is a winner of different Prizes for journalists including Moscow State University Prize (2005), a Medal from the City of Moscow (2009), Prize for Journalism from the Government of the city of Moscow (2011).In 2008 she was elected as an Honorary Secretary and in 2012 – Vice-President of EUSJA , was taking part in different national and international conferences, EUSJA panelist to ESOF in Stockholm, Barcelona, Turin, Copenhagen, to WCSJ in Budapest, Montreal, Helsinki, to conferences in Brussels, International Round Table Conference in Beijing.


Ennet Priit

Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2016. 07. 13. 153229.bmpPriit Ennet is a science reporter at Estonian Public Broadcasting, having been presenting the weekly science show Labor (The Lab) on the radio since 2005. He is the chairman of the Estonian Association of Science Journalists, and associated board member and former treasurer of EUSJA. He has studied biology, physics and philosophy at the University of Tartu, Estonia.



Gerber, Alex

Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2016. 07. 13. 153234.bmp.jpgProf. Alexander Gerber advocates using and developing innovative means of communicating science and technology. Calling for an ‘Open Science Communication’ he focuses his research and teaching on societal responsibilities of academia, stakeholder management, policy-making and the innovation communication. Therefore, on the basis of training the usual skills such as storytelling or communication management, the degree programme in Cleves also covers areas such as ‘public engagement’ and ‘scientific citizenship’.Before developing the Science Communication course at Rhine Waal University, Prof. Gerber was Managing Director of the German Research Centre for Science and Innovation Communication (inscico). He continues to be Senior Lecturer for Science Marketing at Berlin Institute of Technology / TU. In 2011, he initiated and coordinated the first “Trend Study” on Science Communication. Until 2010 the information scientist and long-time science journalist / author / film director was Head of Marketing & Communications at Fraunhofer (ICT) for seven years, and founder and editor-in-chief of InnoVisions Magazine.


Goede, Wolfgang

Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2016. 07. 13. 153238.bmp.jpgFreelancing International Science Journalist, based in Munich, Germany, and Medellín, Colombia. Hon. Secretary European Union Science Journalists’ Assoc. EUSJA; Secretary World Federation Science Journalists WFSJ, Board Member at large International Science Writers Assoc. ISWA Activities: Lecturer and facilitator for science communication workshops and seminars; co-moderator of German Science Debate, regular contributor to mental health journal daz Publications: Numerous in German, nglish, Spanish around history of science journalism, implications in Nazi and communist times, its political role as related to modern civil society in terms of participation and inclusion, democracy and governance.


Goldberg, Practice

Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2016. 07. 13. 153242.bmp.jpgHead of Science Department of RTBF – Belgian TV, Editor in Chief, Main Author, Producer and Presenter of the popular scientific recurrent TV program “Matière Grise”. Expert as Mentor to the World Federation of Science Journalists, he regularly gives conferences and workshops concerning science & health promotion and popularization. Member of the Board of the Science & Knowledge Group of the European Broadcasting Union, he also frequently participates in the constitution of juries for festivals and international competitions dedicated to science and audio-visual.


Kellner, Alexander

Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2016. 07. 13. 153247.jpgAlexander W. A. Kellner was born in the Principality of Liechtenstein (26/09/1961) and is naturalized Brazilian. He got a degree in Geology (1985) and masters (1991) from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ). In 1996, he obtained his M.Phil. and Ph.D. from Columbia University (joint program American Museum of Natural History, New York). Since 1997, he works at the Museu Nacional/UFRJ, the oldest and more traditional scientific institution of South America. His main research areas include paleobiodiversity and development of ancient ecosystems through deep time, having described over 60 new species from all around the world. He published over 200 original studies, with the total number of publications (including popular articles, etc.) well over 800. He organized extensive field activities, including to remote areas of Brazil, Iran, China, Chile and Antarctica. He is also involved in communicating science to the public, having written books, articles and novels. He organized documentaries and exhibitions such as During the Time of the Dinosaurs (1999), a landmark for the development of paleontology in Brazil. He was the co-curator of internal exhibits including Dinosaurus from Gondwana (1998/2009-Japan) and Pterosaurs-flight in the age of dinosaurs (2014, New York). He further has an extensive interaction with the media. Among the several awards and honors he was the recipient of the World Academy of Sciences (TWAS) Prize 2010, the Ordem Nacional do Mérito Centífico (2010 – among the highest scientific recognition in Brazil) and was elected to the Brazilian Academy of Sciences and TWAS. He became associate researcher and honorary member of several institutions and organizations.


Kennedy, Tom

Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2016. 07. 13. 153252.bmp.jpgAfter studying natural sciences in Dublin Tom worked as a film-production assistant and free-lance journalist. As a journalist Tom wanted to focus on science and following a weekly newspaper series on the science and folklore of plants he became editor of Technology Ireland, a monthly magazine published by the State agency, Enterprise Ireland. During his time as Editor Tom built up a team of science writers and was a founding member of the Irish Science and Technology Journalists’ Association. He was also instrumental in establishing a long-running science writing competition for school students with the Royal Dublin Society, and he co-authored a popular book on the art and science of colour. With two other freelance science journalists, Tom established Science Spin magazine to report on science from a local rather than international perspective. For over a period of ten years Science Spin provided a platform for independent free-lance writers, creating an archive of material that can now be accessed freely by everyone on the recently upgraded website www.sciencespin.com . Over the past few years Tom has been involved in several science communication workshops where he has stressed the importance of supporting independent reporting. Earlier this year the print edition of Science Spin was suspended pending the relaunch of a similar but more broadly-based publication with a wider international circulation. Preparation for this relaunch is currently underway.


Kettunen, Reetta

Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2016. 07. 13. 153255.bmp.jpgDr. Reetta Kettunen Ms. is the Secretary General for Committee for Public Information. She has a doctoral degree in plant sciences (plant molecular biology and physiology). She has a strong experience in science communication and science policy. Her previous working experience includes positions as editor-in-chief in the field of popular science books, scientific secretary and programme manager. Her expertise includes ethics in biotechnology and the use of scientific knowledge in policy making. Kettunen acts as a board member of Tutkas – the Society for Members of the Finnish Parliament and Scientists, The Finnish Association of Science Editors and Journalists and the Tieteen tiedotus ry (a society for science communication). Kettunen is a member of Finnish National Commission for Unesco and chairs the Organising Committee for Turku International Book fair.


Kumar, Seema

Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2016. 07. 13. 153259.bmpSeema Kumar is Vice President of Innovation, Global Health and Science Policy Communication, Johnson & Johnson (J&J). In this role, Seema works to position J&J as a global pioneer in innovation and in research and development (R&D) and a partner of choice. Her responsibilities include communications regarding enterprise innovation and R&D, medical safety and ethics, policy, and global health. She also serves as the communication leader for the Johnson & Johnson R&D Management Committee and the Johnson & Johnson Innovation Centers. Seema previously served as the Vice President, Enterprise Innovation and Global Health Communication and as Vice President, Global R&D Communications of the Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of J&J. Prior to joining J&J, Seema was the Chief Communications Officer at the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research /Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Center for Genome Research, the flagship center for the Human Genome Project. Seema holds a master of arts degree in science journalism from the University of Maryland, which included a fellowship at the National Cancer Institute, a bachelor of science and communication from the University of Maryland, and a bachelor of science in physics from Stella Maris College, in Madras, India.


Leglu, Dominique

Teljes képernyő rögzítése 2016. 07. 13. 153304.bmp.jpgMs Dominique Jacqueline Leglu. Former president of the French association of science journalists (AJSPI) + delegate to EUSJA. Member of think tank EuropaNova. Active member of the World federation of science journalists (WFSJ – mentor in the international pg SjCOOP 2010-2012) Since 2003 : Editor-in-chief of the scientific magazine SCIENCES ET AVENIR (2,6 million readers ) + sciencesetavenir.fr + App ( 1million friends on Facebook ). Based in Paris (France) Since 2004 : Science editor (coll. Bouquins) at publishing house Robert Laffont 2000-2002 : Work at French TV. 1983-2000 : Head of the scientific section, daily paper Liberation during 17 years. Associate editor. 1978 : PhD in nuclear/particle physics (College de France in Paris) ; 2002 : M. Sc in arms control. Grand Prize of scientific divulgation from the French Academy of sciences. Jean Perrin prize from the French physicists society (SFP) Author of 5 books on Supernova (1989) ; Dinosaurs (1997) ; Bioterrorism (2002) ; Biological & chemical weapons (2003) ; The risks of the French civil nuclear program (2013). Born in Dordogne (south West of France), I love truffle, goose or duck liver and Bordeaux wine but NOT to the point of any addiction!